asparagus & spiced egg on toast

Spring had sprung and the local produce situation was still bleak. Nothing quite ready yet to be harvested, and last year’s starchy roots and fruits (at least what was left of them) were now withered and wonted. Then, suddenly, an explosion. Asparagus. Radishes. Fiddleheads. Even rhubarb and strawberries! After a long winter, how could I not celebrate the season’s first yields with meals featuring the land’s freshest offerings? I did it for dinner, for lunch, and for breakfast too; for me, when it comes to vegetables, no meal is off-limits.


(how I made) asparagus and spiced eggs on toast

While the water was boiling for the eggs, I quickly sautéed the asparagus in butter and olive oil and seasoned them with salt and pepper just until they turned shiny and a gorgeous vibrant green colour. I set them aside onto a plate, then proceeded to toast a couple of slices of sourdough bread in the still-hot pan. While the bread was getting acquainted an extra pat of shimmering butter, I set the eggs to boil for six minutes and prepped their seasoning: a spontaneous mix of Middle Eastern za’atar and North African ras el hanout, finished with a daring dash of Old Bay seasoning and a few extra sesame seeds. The eggs were easy to peel once ready (cooled immediately with running water and using lots of sharp taps to remove the shells) — into a bowl they went, lovingly and lavishly coated in the spice mixture. By then, the bread was golden and breakfast was ready to be served and enjoyed.



While asparagus on toast is incredibly tasty, I think the takeaway here is that you can deliciously pair fresh sautéed vegetables with good quality bread and eggs (plus some creative liberty in the herb & spice department) to create a simple yet extravagant breakfast at any time of the year.



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