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spicy, herby corn fritters

Whether you're tired of eating fresh corn on the cob all summer (yet still have a bunch to use up) or you're simply in the mood for some of the corn in your pantry or freezer, this recipe is for you. Quick, easy, simple and delicious — a real all 'round crowd pleaser. Let's make some spicy, herby corn fritters! feel free to watch these corn fritters being made right here before moving on to...
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beans on toast, two ways

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner - whatever the meal, these beans on toast are a winner. They're also a great reminder that canned food, jarred food, dried food and all other foods preserved from earlier seasons can and should be your friends (especially in winter). In this case: simply pairing beans with tomato sauce or with pesto and serving them on toasted bread is bound to bring you both...
kanelknuter by allosimone
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kanelknuter (cinnamon knots)

When I first shared these cinnamon knots on Instagram, people went wild. I had never been asked for a recipe so many times before. A great part of the excitement likely came from the novelty of discovering a new cinnamon pastry, something different yet also quite similar to the delectable cinnamon bun many of us know and love. Except these aren't really new here in Norway - and I bet one can find...
asparagus toast by allosimone
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asparagus & spiced egg on toast

Spring had sprung and the local produce situation was still bleak. Nothing quite ready yet to be harvested, and last year's starchy roots and fruits (at least what was left of them) were now withered and wonted. Then, suddenly, an explosion. Asparagus. Radishes. Fiddleheads. Even rhubarb and strawberries! After a long winter, how could I not celebrate the season's first yields with meals...