parsnip and apple soup, allosimone
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parsnip & apple soup

The first time I saw a parsnip, I thought it was a white carrot. I bought a whole bag, brought them home, and decided to taste one. Not bad, but definitely not a carrot - I didn't buy them again for a while. The next time I had parsnip, it was in a soup. Then I had some roasted. Then I tried parsnip chips. Between the soup and the chips, I was sold, and I've been regularly buying parsnips ever...
cold mint and pea soup by allosimone
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cool pea soup

Back in Quebec, we're used to temperatures reaching the upper 30s in the summer (that's the 90s, for those of you who understand fahrenheit), so air conditioners are pretty common. Here in Norway? Not so much. 26 feels almost unbearable and all I can think of to cool down is to eat a refreshingly cold soup.   let's make a cool soup • Start with a good vegetable stock. You can keep...
A bright and green nectarine salad with tomatoes and almonds, by @allosimone
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bright & green nectarine salad

It's probably not a coincidence that the hottest days of the year coincide with the most produce-abundant times. And thank goodness for that. Because surely the last thing anyone wants to do on a scorching afternoon is get all hot and bothered in the kitchen -- that's where salads like this one come in.   how to make this nectarine salad Slice one or two nectarines into thin crescents and...