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creamy no-dairy pumpkin “risotto”

What do you do when you want risotto but you've got neither rice nor dairy? Why, you get creative of course.   A lot of the time, I don't really know what I'm cooking until the food is already halfway done. Most meals in our house answer the question, “What can one make with that?” - lucky for us, things usually turn out pretty well. This time, I felt like having a risotto-ish dish. We...
coconut dal by allosimone
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a comforting coconut dal

I specifically remember encountering lentils at the school cantine when I was 11. The little things were brown and mushy, tasted like earth, and some of them even seemed to be sprouting. To me, this was proof that school meals were not for me. I went home, told my parents of the horrors of the cantine (they also served mashed herring), and was off the hook from eating school lunches for the rest...
baked pear with vanilla ice cream, by allosimone
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cinnamon baked pears

Much like this “recipe”, the post below is short and sweet.   how to bake a pear* Slice a pear in half. Remove its seeds. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake in a tray, cut face up, at 180°C for about 30 minutes (until soft and juicy). Serve warm, with a cool scoop of vanilla ice cream. Makes enough for two.   *likely to work just as well with apples or quinces, and with ginger or other...
parsnip and apple soup, allosimone
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parsnip & apple soup

The first time I saw a parsnip, I thought it was a white carrot. I bought a whole bag, brought them home, and decided to taste one. Not bad, but definitely not a carrot - I didn't buy them again for a while. The next time I had parsnip, it was in a soup. Then I had some roasted. Then I tried parsnip chips. Between the soup and the chips, I was sold, and I've been regularly buying parsnips ever...