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cardamom & orange rhubarb cake

Every spring I get a sudden hankering for rhubarb, get excited when I spot some in a shop or market, buy one or two bunches of pretty pink stems, eagerly bring them home... and then proceed to wonder what exactly to do with them. The answer is often cake — and this year was no different. You don't have to be über-precise when it comes to home baking (the same cannot be easily said for...
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a toasted almond plum cake

this recipe was originally published in the august 2021 newsletter click here to subscribe & click here to watch me make it   This cake could very well be made with cherries instead of plums. In fact, you could use grapes, figs, peaches, blackberries, apricots or nectarines. Maybe even some soft ripe pears or apples, with the addition of some warming spices. Seemingly any fruit would...
kanelknuter by allosimone
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kanelknuter (cinnamon knots)

When I first shared these cinnamon knots on Instagram, people went wild. I had never been asked for a recipe so many times before. A great part of the excitement likely came from the novelty of discovering a new cinnamon pastry, something different yet also quite similar to the delectable cinnamon bun many of us know and love. Except these aren't really new here in Norway - and I bet one can find...