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beans vinaigrette (leeks vinaigrette on creamy white beans)

Meltingly soft leeks on a bed of creamy white beans. Feels like it maybe shouldn’t work, but the textural contrast between the starchy cannellini beans and the gently fibrous leeks really does keep each and every bite interesting. Add to that a soothing fennel broth and a tangy-but-mellow lemon shallot dressing, and you’ve got yourself a really comforting way to brighten up what might be an...
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beans on toast, two ways

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner -- whatever the meal, these beans on toast are a winner. They're also a great reminder that canned food, jarred food, dried food and all other foods preserved from earlier seasons can and should be your friends (especially in winter). In this case: simply pairing beans with tomato sauce or with pesto and serving them on toasted bread is bound to bring you both...
greens, grains and beans by allosimone
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saucy grains, beans and greens (+more)

When I think about it, I think my preferred style of cooking might very well be “looks harder to make than it is”. Most of the things I prepare are simply the result of having a kitchen stocked with some good fridge / pantry / freezer staples + whatever inexpensive seasonal produce I can find at the grocery store that week. The main rules are: 1) Do your best not to waste, 2) Try to eat a...