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cardamom & orange rhubarb cake

Every spring I get a sudden hankering for rhubarb, get excited when I spot some in a shop or market, buy one or two bunches of pretty pink stems, eagerly bring them home... and then proceed to wonder what exactly to do with them. The answer is often cake — and this year was no different. You don't have to be über-precise when it comes to home baking (the same cannot be easily said for...
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roasted squash chili ginger garlic soup

It's dark out, you're feeling cold, perhaps a little under the weather, and rather fatigued. Cue the perfect pick-me-up: a nourishing bowl of warmth in the form of a restorative roasted squash soup. Thanks to the pep from garlic, chili and ginger, you'll be back on your feet and ready to tackle the day again in no time. roasted squash chili ginger garlic soup makes 4-6 servings, depending on the...
coconut dal by allosimone
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a comforting coconut dal

I specifically remember encountering lentils at the school cantine when I was 11. The little things were brown and mushy, tasted like earth, and some of them even seemed to be sprouting. To me, this was proof that school meals were not for me. I went home, told my parents of the horrors of the cantine (they also served mashed herring), and was off the hook from eating school lunches for the rest...