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a very versatile asparagus quiche recipe

When it comes to asparagus, you've just got to seize the season and eat as much as you can before they're gone again. At least, that's my philosophy.   how to make asparagus quiche (or any other quiche, for that matter) There are many ways to make a quiche crust (and, of course, you could always just buy one ready-made), but the method I return to most often is a riff off Julia Child's tried...
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mini rhubarb, strawberry & rose galettes

What do you do with wilting stalks of rhubarb and somewhat soft - if not slightly mushy - strawberries wasting away in the fridge? Well, you could make a delightfully simple compote by slowly stewing down the rhubarb and strawberries (sliced) in a shallow pan with a splash of water, a squirt of lemon juice, a quick zesting of that same lemon, and a spoonful or two of honey. Or, if you've also got...
caramelized onion pie by @allosimone
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caramelized onion pie

Sometimes you want to make something that's comforting and fuss-free, with just a little extra hint of luxury. Enter the caramelized onion pie.   I was watching Jamie Oliver's new program all about cooking vegetable-focused meals when my partner and I saw him make (then rave about) a sticky onion tart. Needless to say, we both knew this was a dish that would promptly have to be replicated in...