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a very versatile asparagus quiche recipe

When it comes to asparagus, you've just got to seize the season and eat as much as you can before they're gone again. At least, that's my philosophy.   how to make asparagus quiche (or any other quiche, for that matter) There are many ways to make a quiche crust (and, of course, you could always just buy one ready-made), but the method I return to most often is a riff off Julia Child's tried...
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beans on toast, two ways

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner -- whatever the meal, these beans on toast are a winner. They're also a great reminder that canned food, jarred food, dried food and all other foods preserved from earlier seasons can and should be your friends (especially in winter). In this case: simply pairing beans with tomato sauce or with pesto and serving them on toasted bread is bound to bring you both...
caramelized onion pie by @allosimone
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caramelized onion pie

Sometimes you want to make something that's comforting and fuss-free, with just a little extra hint of luxury. Enter the caramelized onion pie.   I was watching Jamie Oliver's new program all about cooking vegetable-focused meals when my partner and I saw him make (then rave about) a sticky onion tart. Needless to say, we both knew this was a dish that would promptly have to be replicated in...
asparagus toast by allosimone
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asparagus & spiced egg on toast

Spring had sprung and the local produce situation was still bleak. Nothing quite ready yet to be harvested, and last year's starchy roots and fruits (at least what was left of them) were now withered and wonted. Then, suddenly, an explosion. Asparagus. Radishes. Fiddleheads. Even rhubarb and strawberries! After a long winter, how could I not celebrate the season's first yields with meals...