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peachy green bean burrata plate

It happens more often than you'd think. I want to eat something that I think would be so satisfying — to my hunger, my mood, the weather, the day. But to eat it, I'd have to make it. And ugh... I just don't feel like cooking. Yes, yes, I love cooking. All I think about is food, and where can I buy the freshest produce, and what I want to cook next. But sometimes... I just don't feel like...
caramelized onion pie by @allosimone
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caramelized onion pie

Sometimes you want to make something that's comforting and fuss-free, with just a little extra hint of luxury. Enter the caramelized onion pie.   I was watching Jamie Oliver's new program all about cooking vegetable-focused meals when my partner and I saw him make (then rave about) a sticky onion tart. Needless to say, we both knew this was a dish that would promptly have to be replicated in...