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a colourful cauliflower citrus salad

Whenever we go to the store in the winter time I can't help but pick up a few citrus fruit. Our apartment is small and space is limited both in our refrigerator and on our counter top, so I always try to limit how much I pick up (plus, there's only so much one can carry). On this particular week we ended up bringing home one grapefruit, one orange and one lime. And what better way to enjoy them...
greens, grains and beans by allosimone
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saucy grains, beans and greens (+more)

When I think about it, I think my preferred style of cooking might very well be “looks harder to make than it is”. Most of the things I prepare are simply the result of having a kitchen stocked with some good fridge / pantry / freezer staples + whatever inexpensive seasonal produce I can find at the grocery store that week. The main rules are: 1) Do your best not to waste, 2) Try to eat a...
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on the joys of eating vegetables

In 2017, less than one third of Canadians living in food secure households reported consuming fruit and vegetables five or more times per day*. Had we grown up eating freshly pan-seared Brussels sprouts with a sad side of boiled steak, might we be more inclined to favour the sprouts over the beef? We don't expect under-seasoned and overcooked meat to taste particularly good, so I do wonder why...