greens, grains and beans by allosimone
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saucy grains, beans and greens (+more)

When I think about it, I think my preferred style of cooking might very well be “looks harder to make than it is”. Most of the things I prepare are simply the result of having a kitchen stocked with some good fridge / pantry / freezer staples + whatever inexpensive seasonal produce I can find at the grocery store that week. The main rules are: 1) Do your best not to waste, 2) Try to eat a...
coconut dal by allosimone
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a comforting coconut dal

I specifically remember encountering lentils at the school cantine when I was 11. The little things were brown and mushy, tasted like earth, and some of them even seemed to be sprouting. To me, this was proof that school meals were not for me. I went home, told my parents of the horrors of the cantine (they also served mashed herring), and was off the hook from eating school lunches for the rest...
White Bean, Chickpea and Spelt Stew by @allosimone
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white bean, chickpea & spelt stew

As much as I love beans and other legumes, I regularly struggle with figuring out what to do with them. Often, what ends up happening is that I'll soak some in the morning (or even the afternoon -- there is a trick) for that day's dinner and then, much like a procrastinating student who's left their essay writing right down to the very last minute, try to come up with a meal idea only once the...